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As Managing Director, Captain David Mavinga Pelenda, he has a skills in aviation and entrepreneurship.

He is among the aviation expert well known in the industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Captain David was a founder and Owner of Global Aviation Services in 2004 and in 2014 he became a co-owner/Founder of Global Aviation Services International by opening shares to Entebbe Handling Services “ENHAS” and Sabena Aerospaces

The vision to create Global Aviation Services came when he flow worldwide by seeing how the ground handling was done in other countries especially for special flights, he decided to create a Handling company to handle special flights (V VIP, VIP, charter, MEDEVAC, Military flights etc.) by giving credit facility.

He maintained a good quality of service by his supervision to satisfy all of his clients and became the leader in the ground handling of special flights.

Captain David, began his career as pilot from narrow body to wide body aircrafts and apart from being a pilot, he is a manager too.

He was the Charter Manager of Wimbi Dira Airways before to become the Director General.

As a business and a social entrepreneur, Captain David sponsors many philanthropic social initiatives particularly “Fondation Schipra”. He is also the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of MAVEX Logistics Support cc based in Johannesburg, South Africa and MAVEX Logistics Support sarl based in kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

And as an Aviation Expert, Captain David is often consulted for his experience in aviation management and technical experience.

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